I Am the Wind

from by Aaron Corwin

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This song will be on the next album.

Cover art by Peggy Stenmark


A hundred-thousand stars are burning in the night
The secrets of the world are laughing in a child’s eyes
You’ve found the places where the shadows run to hide
And found the circles where the fairies dance to music of the
Nightmares of a world that never knew a world beyond
And cut your hands upon the shattered dreams that never left their
Home that couldn’t hold a heart that heard a different song
That hold you down and wrap you ‘round until you cry out let me free!

Let me be…
I am lost I am alone and I am trapped within the stone
And I am bound
Reaching down
To sieze the whirlwind in my hands and shout my challenge to the land

I am free I am the wind that rolls the waves across the ocean
I am the voice that calls the river to the sea
I open up my wings and watch the world re-open
And call the cry that lets the water fall and wash away from me

You’ve left the world behind that held you to the ground
You’ve donned the wings, touched the sun and fallen from the sky
And looked with wonder on the mysteries you’ve found
And heard the bitter voices calling out to save you from your
Doom that always beckons, always laughing out of reach
Another shadow in the darkness in between the stars
Another voice to tell you where you cannot seek
Another warrior that stands between you and where you must go

Letting go…
Losing hope, losing your dreams, letting the silence take your screams
That I am free
I am me
Reaching down to take the sword and cut the chains that I have forged and


A hundred-thousand voices calling in the night
Fearing the broken paths that you have walked a thousand times
Blind in the darkness never seeing their own light
Stopping to wonder as you cry out ‘open up your eyes!’
Never stepping in a world they’ve never known
Never dancing to the music they could never hear
Until the breaking of the silence fills the night
And then the voices call out, Teach us, show us
How to set us free…

Let us be…
We are lost, we are alone and we are trapped within the stone
And you must cry
Let them die
Till they take their soul in hand and call the cry that they have banned:



from From the Ashes, released August 1, 2003
Aaron Corwin: Vocals, guitar, keyboards
Shane Knutson: Bass guitar



all rights reserved


Aaron Corwin Seattle, Washington

Aaron has been writing and performing filk and folk music since the mid-90s. He will be releasing a new album in 2012.

Photography by Shanna Washburn (aurorachrisma.deviantart.com)

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